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2016 schedule

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Monday July 18th
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Final Scores:

Cambyland    97

Harte Nissan   100

Top Players:

Harte: Ty Rogers  31 points 5 rebounds (Juco Texas)


Camby: Roosevelt Lee 29 points 8 reb (ABA.) Ant Jernigan 26 points 7 assists (Johnson and wales)


Monday July 18th 8:15pm

Simoniz Top Dogs 108

Def Jam Hot937ers 104

Top Players:

TopDogs: Dale Saunders 25points 15 (ABA) Mike Moore 23 points 7 rebounds (Hofstra alum)

Hot: Doug Herring 30 points 7 rebounds 8 assist (Euro Pro League, England) Nate Gauze 21 points  5 rebounds

Sunday July 17th
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Final Scores:

Eric & Jessica Zachs Red Squad   98

Harte Nissan       91

Top Players:

Red Squad: AJ Price  40 points 5 rebounds (China-clar Pro League) Doug Wiggins 19 points 4 rebounds (Euro Pro League-Poland)

Harte: PJ Santevenere 25 points 3 steals (St. Francis, NY alum.)

Final Scores:

Atty. Sally Roberts Hurricanes 122

Atty. Ron Johnson Hoop Wave 111

Top Players:

Hurricanes: Danny Lawhorn 42 points 13 assists (Central America-Pro League) Dietrick King 20 points 4 rebounds (ABA)

Hoopwave: Mike Anderson 33 points 10 rebounds 7 assist (Euro Pro League, Germany) Jaquan Walters 24 points  12 rebounds

Sunday July 17th  7pm

Simoniz Top Dogs   140

Pauly Chute Slamm  138 OT

Top Players:

Top Dog: Mike Moore 38 points 6 rebounds (Hofstra alum.) Jordan Dina 31 points 7 rebounds (ABA)

Slamm: Tremont Waters 28 points 12 assists (South Kent) Lucas Hausman     32 points Ken Horton 28 points 20 rebounds (CCSU alum)

Next games:

Monsday July 18th

Cambyland vs.  Harte Nissan @ 6:30pm

Simoniz Top Dogs vs. Def Jam Hot937ers @ 8:15pm

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Saturday July 16th 5pm
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Final Scores:

Eric & Jessica Zachs Red Squad   139

Pauly Chute Slamm          118

Top Players:

Red Squad: Jalen Adams 43 points 4 rebounds (UCONN) Curtis Cobb 24 points 4 rebounds (Fairfield Univ.)

Slamm: Rodney Purvis    50 points 7 rebounds(UCONN) Booby Moore Santavenere 16 points (ABA)

Saturday July 16th  7pm

Simoniz Top Dogs      126

Atty. Ron Johnson Hoop Wave 117

Top Players:

Top Dogs: Jeron Belin  30 points  5 rebounds  (Euro Pro-Italy) Jordan Dina  25 points   7 rebounds (ABA)

Hoopwave: Mike Anderson  42 points 16 rebounds (Euro Pro-Germany) Marcus James 25 points  12 rebounds  (Canadian Pro League)

Former Weaver star Mike Anderson drops 60 in Hartford Pro-Am game; Hoopwave beats Nissan
Thursday, 14 July 2016 23:08    | Written by Administrator    PDF Print E-mail

(WTNH)–You never know who’s going to show up at the Greater Hartford Pro-Am Basketball League. It’s part of the league’s charm. One night, you might see an NBA guy. The next, a UConn star. Or, both on the same night.

On Wednesday night, it was Waterbury’s Tyshon Rogers and his Harte Nissan team taking on the Hoopwave. The story of the night though was former Weaver star Mike Anderson, who also played at the University of Washington, dropping 60 points.

Also balling on Wednesday was Albertus Magnus College star Jhaquon Walters, who went for 22 points in the game. He said he made his decision to play in the Pro-Am last week:

“I told my coach about it before playing and he said I could play, so I was happy to hear that. I always wanted to play in the Pro-Am growing up. I played Division 3 basketball and the competition down here is way better than Division 3basketball. So I just love the competition, that’s why I came down here to play,” he said.

The competition should get tougher in the coming weeks, as Kemba Walker, Kris Dunn and Andre Drummond have all committed to playing, according to CEO Peter Higgins.

More stories by Kels Dayton, Staff

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Wednesday July 13th
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Final Scores:

Atty Ron Johnson Hoopwave 119

Harte Nissan 107

Top Players:


Mike Anderson 60 points 15 rebounds (Univ. Washington Alumni) Jaquan Walters 22 points 10 rebounds (Albertus Magnus)


Michael Myers-Kiett 27 points 12 rebounds(Monmouth University) PJ Santavenere 17 points (St. Francis, NY) Wednesday July 13th  8:15pm Atty. Sally A. Roberts  Hurricanes 138 Atty. Deron Freeman 134 -OT Top Players: Hurricanes: Danny Lawhorn 43 points and 12 assist (Pro-Central America)

Dietrick King  26 points   17 rebounds (Hartford Lightning)

freeman: Eric Anderson 25 points 15 rebounds (University of New Haven) Khlen Cumberland 25 points (CCSU)

Next Games: Saturday July 16 5 PM Eric & Jessica Zachs Red squad vs. Pauly Chute Slamm Simoniz Top Dogs vs. Atty. Ron Johnson Hoopware @ 7:oo pm


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